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    Šeit varat iepazīties ar pilnu DosVer pakotnes dokumentāciju (angļu val.):

                The DOS Version-Setting Service - DOSVER
                             version 2.51

	PURPOSE:  The user is surely familiar with the message "Incorrect DOS
version" displayed on the screen.  DOSVER is a handy way to overcome this
problem.  As you know, MICROSOFT has a similar utility, SETVER. This utility,
however, has a number of significant shortcomings:
   1) You have to manually set all programs that you want to "deceive";
   2) If you are setting a lot of programs, SETVER takes-up a large
      amount of memory;
   3) You can't use programs with identical names that need different
      DOS versions, at the same time;
   4) You can't load and reconfigure SETVER "on the fly".

operational system.

	DISTRIBUTION:  DOSVER is shareware and may be used free of charge for
one month and distributed without restriction (but only with all of the
enclosed files). If you want to continue using the program you have to
register. Registration fee is $10 for private users and $20 for organizations.
Please see the file REGISTER.TXT for detailed information. It is forbidden to
modify the program code or utilize the program in any manner whatsoever for
commercial purposes without the prior authorisation of the author.

	INSTALLATION: Although loading DOSVER resident without any of the
optional command-line parameters is adequate to run the program - the default
values then being applicable - wider possibilities are available to the user
if the time is taken to become acquainted with these parameters.

Syntax: DOSVER [/v...] [/f] [/l]

   /vXX.YY  - set a DOS version, XX.YY is a version decimal number;

   /vhXX.YY - set a DOS version, XX.YY is a version hexadecimal number;
          	   For DR-DOS - 67.10, for NovellDOS - 72.10.

   /va      - set automatic requested version control (default).
              Detect requested version in most cases, although there is a
                  possibility of unsuccesful detection; for example, SI of

	/vo      - set to original version.
   	   Usually used if you can't unload DOSVER, but want to
                  disable it.

     	/f       - don't install Latvian font.
   	   I load four Latvian letters into video memory to enable my
   	   name and that of my city to be displayed in my native
                  tongue. However, if you feel that this feature spoils your
                  pseudo-graphics or clashes with your national character set,
                  you may disable this option.

   /l -       don't draw lines.

Scancodes may be detected with SCANCODE.COM

	UNINSTALL:  The memory used by DOSVER may only be released if no other
resident programs have been installed after DOSVER. Should any other resident
programs have been loaded subsequently, however, then they must first be
removed before DOSVER can be uninstalled.

Syntax: DOSVER /u [/f] [/l]

   /f, /l see above...

	REINSTALLATION: If you can't uninstall DOSVER, but you want to change
some parameters, you can reinstall it.  For reinstallation you have add the
/r parameter to the installation string.

	OPERATION: When DOS function 30h or DOS function 33h, sub-function
06h (both - used by MS-DOS) or DOS function 44h, sub-function 52h (used by
DR-DOS and NovellDOS) is called, DOSVER changes the returned version number.
If the number is set directly, then it's returned to all callers, except
COMMAND.COM (because it checks the version number as every command is
executed). If DOSVER is configured for automatic version detection, then it
analyzes the caller's code and tries to detect the version (Mickel's from
Holland algorithm is used).  DOSVER utilizes the PSP, that allows 200 bytes
of DOS memory to be saved.

	HELP: If you wish to help me to develop and distribute DOSVER,
there are some ways to do it:
  1) register DOSVER, see REGISTER.TXT file for detailed information;
  2) recommend and give a shareware version of DOSVER to your friends;
  3) put a link to DOSVER home page on your Web site, see file LINK.TXT
for detailed information;
  4) upload DOSVER to all DOS and Windows shareware FTP and WWW collections
you know, see file UPLOAD.TXT for detailed information;
  5) write about DOSVER to newsgroups, mailing lists and forums, where
people can have an interest about it;
  6) let me know about bugs, problems and suggestions.

	AUTHOR: Ansis Ataols Berzins, a freelance programmer, master
 of mathematics. Any questions, comments or requests may be directed to
 either 'ataols_N@N_latnet.lv' or Ansis Ataols Berzins, Maskavas 54, Riga,
 LV-1003, Latvia. Latest DOSVER version you can download at DOSVER home