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StopPrg dokumentācija



    Šeit varat iepazīties ar pilnu StopPrg pakotnes dokumentāciju (angļu val.):

                    STOPPRG - Exit to DOS from any Program
                                  version 3.4

	PURPOSE:  STOPPRG is a resident program that allows you to stop any
 program and exit to DOS (except programs that change the interrupt 08h
 handler).  It's useful in infinite cycles, in programs without exit, in
 hung-up programs with not hung-up DOS.

        SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:  STOPPRG runs on IBM PCs under the MS-DOS
 operational system.  To use under Windows it's first necessary to load STOPPRG
 before running Windows (for Windows95 - place in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file).

        DISTRIBUTION:  STOPPRG is freeware and may be used for one month and
 distributed without restriction (but only with all of the enclosed files). If
 you want to continue using the program you have to fill out the registration
 card (file REGCARD.TXT) and send it to the author . It is
 forbidden to modify the program code or utilize the program in any manner
 whatsoever for commercial purposes without the prior authorisation of the

        INSTALLATION: Although loading STOPPRG resident without any of the
 optional command-line parameters is adequate to run the program - the default
 values then being applicable - wider possibilities are available to the user
 if the time is taken to become acquainted with these parameters.

 Syntax:  STOPPRG [/kXX] [/m] [/f] [/l]

  	/kXX - set another hotkey:
		XX=00..88 - key scancode

	/m - mono display adapter
		By default, after exit display adapter will be set to video
		mode 03h. If this parameter is set, video mode 07h will be

	/f - don't install Latvian font.
		I load four Latvian letters into video memory to enable my
		name and that of my city to be displayed in my native tongue.
		However, if you feel that this feature spoils your pseudo-
		graphics or clashes with your national character set, you may
		disable this option.

	/l - don't draw lines.

  Alternative hotkey scancodes may be determined with SCANCODE.COM

        UNINSTALL:  The memory used by STOPPRG may only be released if no other
 resident programs have been installed after STOPPRG.  Should any other
 resident programs have been loaded subsequently, however, then they must first
 be removed before STOPPRG can be uninstalled.

 Syntax: STOPPRG /u [/f] [/l]

	/f, /l see above...

        REINSTALLATION: If you can't uninstall STOPPRG, but you want to change
 some parameters, you can reinstall it.  For reinstallation you have to add
 the /r parameter to the installation string.

	OPERATION:  When its hotkey is pressed, STOPPRG issues a DOS function
 call 4Ch - program termination. Before it, STOPPRG restores the interrupt
 table, saved at the program execution; after, frees up the new expanded memory
 handles (sorry, but extended memory has to be freed up manualy; better way is
 to use Kim Kokkonen's TSR Utilities), switch off the speaker, set a text video
 mode. Keyboard testing also has to be held as to 08h interrupt, which allows
 activating STOPPRG even UNDER programs replacing the keyboard interrupt
 handler.  STOPPRG avoids activating during a disk access.
  STOPPRG activation is not recommended:
	1) if a daughter program, that changes the interrupt handlers, is
        2) if TSR is popped up and TSR's PSP is not activated.
  STOPPRG utilizes the PSP that saves some 200 bytes of DOS memory.

	AUTHOR:  Version 1.0-2.0 by MAK-TRAXON's Prophet. Principally
 improved by Ansis Ataols Berzins, a freelance programmer, master of
 mathematics. Any questions, comments or requests may be directed to either
 'ataols_N@N_latnet.lv' or Ansis Ataols Berzins, Maskavas 54, Riga, LV-1003,
 Latvia. Latest STOPPRG version you can download at STOPPRG home page: