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¤ Born May 23, 1975 in Leningrad.


¤ 1981-1989 Riga 11'th Secondary School.
¤ 1989-1992 Riga French liceum.
¤ 1992-1993 Riga Technical University, Faculty of Automation and Computer technics, bachelor studies, the academical program of 1 semester passed.
¤ 1992-1995 Riga Aviation University, Faculty of Automation and Computer technics, bachelor studies, the academical program of 5 semesters passed.
¤ 1992-1996 University of Latvia, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, bachelor studies.
¤ 1996-1998 and 2001 University of Latvia, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, master studies.
¤ 2003-2007 and 2015-2016 University of Latvia, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, doctoral studies in computational linguistics.
¤ 2011-2012 Vecbebri Professional High-school, professional studies of bee-keeping.
¤ 2014-2016 un 2019-2020 Rezekne University (Rezekne Academy of Technology), Faculty of Engineering, doctoral studies in language technology.

Degrees and diplomas

¤ 1989 Certificate of incomplete secondary education A #113626.
¤ 1992 Certificate of secondary education A #003654.
¤ 1996 Bachelor degree in mathematics - Bachelor certificate #004178.
     The topic of bachelor paper: Sequencially generated topologies.
¤ 2001 Master degree in mathematics - Master certificate #009835.
     The topic of master paper: Condition of invariance in problems of the fixed point.
¤ 2012 Certificate of professional qualification KAC #019501, speciality Bee-keeper.

Additional education

¤ 1999 2 months residency in Louisiana, USA (ArtsLink fellowship).
¤ 2002 2 weeks summer school Functional Analysis, Partial Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis in Central European University, Department of Mathematics, Budapest, Hungary.
¤ 2004 1 week summer school Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing in University of Tartu, Institute of Computer Science, Estonia.
¤ 2004-2008 participation in Nordic Graduate School of Language Technology in Finland, Sweden, Danmark and Estonia.
¤ 2005 1 week doctorants school Corpus Linguistics in Institute of Linguistic Research, St. Petersburg, Russia.
¤ 2006 1 week doctorants school Voice, Speech, Languages in Cargese, Corsica, France.
¤ 2012 1 week school Machine translation system Apertium Shupashkar, Chuvashia, Russian Federation.
¤ 2015 1 month residency in Brno University of Technology Faculty of Information Technology, Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Speech Processing Research Group, Brno, Czech Republic.
¤ 2015 3 months residency in Institute of Lithuanian Language, Vilnius, Lithuania.
¤ 2016 1 week doctoral school WiSSAP (Winter School on Speech and Audio Processing), topic Speech Prosody, in SSN College, Chennai, India.
¤ 2016 2 months residency in National Autonomous University of Mexico, Faculty of Engineering, Voice Processing Laboratory, City of Mexico, Mexico.
¤ 2016 1 week doctoral school RuSSIR (Russian Summer School in Information Retrieval), in Saratov National Research State University, Saratov, Russia.
¤ 2016 2 months residency in United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Laboratory of Speech Recognition and Synthesis, Minsk, White Russia.
¤ 2017 3 months residency in Šiauliai University, Lithuania.
¤ 2017 1 month residency in Liberec Technical University, Speech Lab, Czech Republic.


¤ From 1998 director of many projects of Soros Foundation - Latvia and Culture Capital Foundation.
¤ 1998-2014 leader of folklore band in Riga council's Culture department.
¤ 2001-2002 programmer in Danish company Service-Partners A/S.
¤ 2001-2006 author of articles in Latvian newspaper Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze.
¤ 2002-2003 programmer of AKKA/LAA Copyright portal.
¤ 2004-2005 senior programmer in A/S Baltic Gaming.
¤ 2005-2006 director of IT department in A/S Baltic Gaming, after the reorganisation - Optibet Ltd..
¤ 2006 director of IT department in State Agency of Medicines.
¤ 2006-2008 IT projects manager in Riga Technical university.
¤ 2007-2008 developer of software of Center of Scientific Devices of University of Latvia.
¤ 2008-2009 senior programmer in company Admi Rīga.
¤ 2009-2013 researcher in Distance Education Center of Riga Technical University.
¤ 2009-2016 lecturer of computer science in Jurmala College RRC, courses: Programming languages, Object-oriented programming, Large databases, Data structures, Software engineering, Development of information systems, Web technologies.
¤ 2010-2016 conductor of jam-singing in folk-club Ala.
¤ From 2019 artistic director of men’s vocal ensemble in Kolups, Latgalia.

Public activities

¤ From 2002 chairman of the board of Riga Folk Music Society.
¤ From 2002 member of Subcomission of Information technology of Terminological Comission of Latvian Academy of Sciences.
¤ 2009-2015 chairman of the board of Latgalian society LR.
¤ 2009-2017 member of the board of Latvian Folk-lore Society.
¤ From 2009 member of the board of society 13'th January.
¤ 2010 founder of Last party and deputy candidate from Latgalia.
¤ 2017-2018 was politically repressed in Czech Republic and Republic of Latvia.


¤ 1989-1990 Latvian folk dance group of Riga Autoelektrodevices' Factory.
¤ 1989-1991 Latvian folk group Pudurs, Riga Pioneer house.
¤ 1990-1995 Latvian folk dance group Dandari, University of Latvia.
¤ From 1990 Riga Dance club.
¤ 1992-1993 Latvian pseudofolk dance group PhysMats dance group, University of Latvia.
¤ 1994-1995 Russian pseudofolk dance group Ivushka, club Old Riga.
¤ From 1995 Latvian folk band Maskačkas spēlmaņi, (Riga City Council, 1998-2014).
¤ From 2019 men’s vocal ensemble Čvartaks.

Professional skills

¤ Programming languages: assembler, C, Pascal, Basic, Fortran, Fred, Clipper, FoxPro, PERL, PHP, SSI, SQL, SAS, PL/pgSQL, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Matlab, Unix shells.
¤ Databases programming and administration: MySQL, PostgreSQL (including PL/pgSQL), Oracle (including PL/SQL).
¤ Administrating experience: Unix (Linux, SunOS, FreeBSD), Windows NT/XP+.
¤ Using experience: MS-DOS, DR-DOS, Windows (9x, 3x, NT, XP, 10), Unix (Linux, BSD, SunOS, AIX) with and without X-Windows, OS/2, MacOS.

Additional skills

¤ Languages: Latvian, Latgalian, Russian - fully; English, French, Lithuanian, Polish, Spanish, Czech - well; Ukrainian, White Russian, Slovak - passable; Estonian, German, Italian - a little bit.
¤ Musical instruments: bayan, many types of squeeze-boxes, harmonica, psaltery, pipes, bagpipes, violin and other.
¤ Driver license: B category.

Has two sons and two daughters.

March 8'th 2020