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    Here is a full documentation of Uptimer package:

              The System timer update service - UPTIMER
                             version 4.11

	PURPOSE:  Programs that use the timer interrupt, such as action games,
resident utilities - as well as my utility BREMZE - and PCs running in APM
energy saving mode, can cause the system timer to lag behind the real-time
clock.  UPTIMER corrects any such time discrepancy by updating the system
timer from the real-time clock every second, thereby ensuring that the system
timer and the real-time clock remain in synchronism.

	SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:  UPTIMER runs on IBM PC ATs, XT-286s and Conver-
tibles under operational system MS-DOS.

	DISTRIBUTION:  UPTIMER is shareware and may be used free of charge for
one month and distributed without restriction (but only with all of the
enclosed files). If you want to continue using the program you have to
register. Registration fee is $10 for private users and $20 for organizations.
Please see the file REGISTER.TXT for detailed information. It is forbidden to
modify the program code or utilize the program in any manner whatsoever for
commercial purposes without the prior authorisation of the author.


Syntax: UPTIMER [/t] [/p] [/f] [/l]

/t - don't check machine type.
/p - don't check the CMOS battery power.
	Before installation UPTIMER checks for the presence of ATs,
	XT-286s or Convertibles and CMOS battery power.  However, if
	you have any other type of PC that UPTIMER works with, you
	may disable this option.

/f - don't install Latvian font.
	I load four Latvian letters into video memory to enable my
	name and that of my city to be displayed in my native tongue.
	However, if you feel that this feature spoils your pseudo-
	graphics or clashes with your national character set, you may
	disable this option.

/l - don't draw lines.

	UNINSTALL:  The memory used by UPTIMER may only be released if no other
resident programs have been installed after UPTIMER. Should any other resident
programs have been loaded subsequently, however, then they must first be remo-
ved before UPTIMER can be uninstalled.

Syntax: UPTIMER /u [/f] [/l]

/f, /l see above...

	HELP: If you wish to help me to develop and distribute UPTIMER,
there are some ways to do it:
  1) register UPTIMER, see REGISTER.TXT file for detailed information;
  2) recommend and give a shareware version of UPTIMER to your friends;
  3) put a link to UPTIMER home page on your Web site, see file LINK.TXT
for detailed information;
  4) upload UPTIMER to all DOS and Windows shareware FTP and WWW collections
you know, see file UPLOAD.TXT for detailed information;
  5) write about UPTIMER to newsgroups, mailing lists and forums, where
people can have an interest about it;
  6) let me know about bugs, problems and suggestions.

	AUTHOR: Ansis Ataols Berzins, a freelance programmer, master
 of mathematics. Any questions, comments or requests may be directed to
 either 'ataols_N@N_latnet.lv' or Ansis Ataols Berzins, Maskavas 54, Riga,
 LV-1003, Latvia. Latest UPTIMER version you can download at UPTIMER home