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    Welcome to the Uptimer homepage. Uptimer will help you if your PC's system timer lag behind or for any other reasons returns an incorrect time.
    Here you are a small extract from Uptimer 4.11 documentation:

   Programs that use the timer interrupt, such as action games,
resident utilities - as well as my slow down utility BREMZE - and PCs
running in APM energy saving mode, can cause the system timer to lag
behind the real-time clock.  UPTIMER corrects any such time discrepancy
by updating the system timer from the real-time clock every second,
thereby ensuring that the system timer and the real-time clock remain
in synchronism.
    Besides, Uptimer is very small (only 256 bytes if registered version resident) and have a full command line control.
    So, download the shareware version (only 10Kb) and try it!
    Read also about other my DOS utilities.