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    Welcome to the Bremze homepage. Bremze is one of the best PC slow down utilities in the world.
    What does it mean "slow down"? - you will ask. Here you are a small extract from Bremze documentation:

	   Bremze (Latvian for 'brake') slows down PC performance
	by controlling the speed of execution of programs. This
	feature can be useful when running old processor-dependent
	programs on new PCs, particularly to decrease the speed
	of games for 'better results', or when wishing to gain a
	better understanding of the sequences and functioning of
	programs, etc. Big diapason of braking coefficients (enough
	to fastest PCs), braking level control and switch on/off
	by hot-keys, control output trough PC speeker and screen
	corner. Full command line control. Slows down DOS and
	Windows programs. Versions for both interrupts are
	available - 08h and 70h.
    In other words, if some old programs runs to fast on your PC - you need Bremze.
    Why exactly Bremze? Yes, in the world you can find many slow down utilities. And because of this reason I have tried all of them, and I have added all the best features also to Bremze. Besides, Bremze has many my own ideas. So, I can say that today, 27 July, 2002, Bremze 5.02 is the best (and many people say the same) in the most situations.
    Bremze will give you a smooth and nice slow down. Download the shareware version (only 26Kb) and try it!
    Read also about other my DOS utilities.