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    Here are some extracts what users say about Bremze:
  • Gaute Lund, Norway:
        "You did it! How can I express my gratitude? For months, I've been searching for a DOS utility to slow down my Pentium for use with older DOS games. None worked, until your *excellent* BREMZE came along."
  • Ilona Glowka, Poland:
        "It's OK, I had problems with the fiscal printer on fast computer, but when I used the Bremze, problems were go away..."
  • Andrew Wiest , USA:
        "Works better than Moslo on a Pentium 120."
  • Steven Keyes, Canada:
        "The best "slowdown" program. Best because it offers two interrupt modes for computer controlled slow down. Enable/Disable/Remove adds additional control... Excellent!"
  • Conrad Renberg, USA:
        "I used the shareware product once and was impressed with the ease of slowing down my system so that the program I was running became playable."
  • Mike Sandidge, USA:
        "Mo'slo ain't no'mo. CPUKILLER did just that. This one really works."
  • Richard Press, USA:
        "Thanks... without Bremze I would have to give up my favorite DOS editor (Norton Editor)."
  • Monica Dasilva, USA:
  • Simon Butler, UK:
        "Without it, the Undead Monks would have defeated me utterly!"
  • Linards Ticmanis, Germany:
        "The fact that the PC Speaker sound effects work well now is pretty cool. No other slowdown Program I've seen can do that."
  • Tom Zartler, USA:
        "Don't know! But from my test of the shareware program looks good."
  • Jaroslaw Pick, Poland:
        "simple the best :)"
  • Angela Harrison, UK:
        "Excellent Utility - The Shareware version got my PII 400 to run a game I have never used since I first got a PC - The Great Escape!"
  • Ross Pimentel, USA:
        "Excellent to manipulate speed during speed with the hot key fast or slow. Really great for slowing down some fast paced games to allow me to see more action and make better choices in the games."
  • Andre Witt, Germany:
        "So far the MOST powerful slowdown-utility I've found and used! Great for slowing down old games!"
  • Shannon Mc Mellon, USA:
        "The easiest program I have found to use to slow a PC application down."
  • Tyler Spurgeon, USA:
        "Never have I had such a stable slow-down utitlity. Normally I get very unstable performance. Not with Bremze! It works like a charm! Now I can use the greatest and latest software, and the old favorite classics all on one machine without a problem! Thanks Ansis!"
  • Thibault Serre, France:
        "Enfin!! Depuis le temps que je cherchais un programme me permettant de jouer mes "vieux" jeux DOS sur mon PC "trop puissant"!! Mille mercis et bonne continuation!"
  • Timothy Hellman, USA:
        "The only program I could find that reliably slowed my cpu down, and enabled me to run the old dos games I love."
  • Jonny Morris, UK:
        "ITS GREAT!"
  • David Botham, UK:
        "Its great ive got my old PC games working once again theyres a nice big smile on my face well worth the money. :o)"
  • Sean Duggan, USA:
        "Thanks to Bremze, I can revive fond memories of my oldest brother, Michael, by playing the games we used to play together."
  • Kris Dikkeschei, Netherlands:
        "First I tryed moslo to "bremze" wing commander but the game began to stutter, the slowdown wasn't equal, not smooth enough. But bremze does! Thank you!"
  • Steven Ray Zollinger, USA:
        "I've tried practically all of the slow down utilities out there and Bremze is by far the best! It gives smooth slow down and doesn't have the annoying bugs that I've noticed in the others. GREAT JOB!!!"
  • E. Carvill, USA:
        "Bremze allows my students to play Robot Odyssey, hereby saving one of the best problem-solving, electrical engineering games ever invented."
  • Philip Lorenz, USA:
        "Tried for weeks to get Planet's Edge (old DOS game that I LOVE - i.e. play it) to work on my 650 MHz Athlon. Tried moslo, turbo, cpukiller etc. - NO GOOD!! Bremze is THE solution. Guaranteed. Hmph!"
  • Roberto Almedo Acosta, Mexico:
        "I think it is a great program that allow us, old gamers, to enjoy our favorite games again and again"
  • Philip Swartzelonard, USA:
        "Probably the best software you could get for old games aside from a 386 emulator... lot easier than getting a real 386 too."
  • Werner Noll, Germany:
        "Great Tool. Just works."
  • Terrence Brake, GB:
  • Doug Atkinson, Canada:
        "Just got the program so I have not too much to say except that it solved the problem I was having getting my word processor to run properly. Thanks."
  • Martin Ehmann, USA:
        "The only product that worked without any conflicts with my programs."
  • Pablo Gomez, USA:
        "great program! thanks"
  • Chris King, South Africa:
        "Your software gave me a solution no on else could, the only other option I had was to keep an old machine for a single purpose, not very efficient."
  • Robert Miles, USA:
        "Works great. The dynamic braking is my favorite feature."
  • Mark Orser, Canada:
        "Good piece of software! Simple, but effective."
  • Andrej Babic, Australia:
        "works like a charm for those old classic games"
  • Finnian Nech, UK:
        "Truly an awesome program. Giving far better results than others like moslo that give jerky slowdown."
  • Michael Proto, USA:
  • James Jansen, USA:
        "Product works great, very flexible."
  • Imre Bartfai, Hungary:
        "This software is the best in its category I have ever seen. It solved my problem, which I almost gave up."
  • Hans de Roode, New Zealand:
        "It realy works!!"
  • Lior Tzafrir, Israel:
        "Well I have P4 2000 MHz, and I never believed that I'll manage to run my old games, but what do you know, I was wrong!"
  • Steve Klink, USA:
        "Easy to install, easy to use, just what we needed!"
  • Rob Beckwith, USA:
        "The only slow-down program I've found so far capable of running Corncob 3d at a decent speed."
  • Tom Elliott, USA:
        "It is a life saver for my legacy applications."
  • Jeffrey Fullerton, USA:
        "Does the job at a reasonable price."
  • Mark Baldi, USA:
        "This is the only program that works for my Pentium 4, even Mo'Slo crashes, but Bremze works and uses very little conventional memory for old DOS programs."
  • Nicola Gist, UK:
        "This programme has saved my life.... or at least stopped me having to tear my hair out mid-Atlantic!!! Thanks.... :-)"
  • Michael Mitchell, USA:
        "This product help us resolve a platform compatibility issue between a faster computer model and the original development platform for our DOS application."
  • Ron Bembenek, USA:
        "Only thing that worked, had to slow down a fairly new pc enough so that the mainframe could keep up with the pc sending the punch card emulation files across. A real life saver."
  • Philip Edwards, USA:
        "Works great!"
  • Mark Knapp, USA:
        "Was able to keep legacy application working; SloMo and CPUKiller could not prevent intermittent errors from occurring with serial communications app."
  • Alex Henderson, Cayman Islands:
        "I have tested several slow-down utilities with various DOS games and this is the only one that really works!"
  • Joel Gulliver, USA:
        "Great Program, Works like a Champ!"
  • Thomas Allison, UK:
        "A get-out-of-jail solution for tricky problems!"
  • Peter Billinton, UK:
        "The only PC SlowDown software that worked with the Tandy Model 3 Emulator PC3 that I was able to find."
  • Nathan Davis, USA:
        "For years I've been looking for the perfect slowdown utility to use for my old DOS games and this is it! I can't believe how well this works and I love that I can control the speed while I'm playing the game!"
  • Sascha Wrampelmeier, Germany:
        "Great stuff for ms-dos on new hardware!"
  • Stephen Ugolini, USA:
        "Great for flight sims from the early 90's."
  • Christopher Mallery, USA:
        "Simply solved many of the the slowdown problems I was having with some old dos games that other software wasn't able to solve."