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What's new in Bremze 5.02?




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    In Bremze 5.02 command prompt parametters' analysis procedure is changed, to make it compatible with Windows2000.
    Bremze 5.01 has some little enhancements and improved documentation.
    Bremze 5.00 is a principially new version and differ from the previous version (4.11) very much. There are some greatest improvements:
  • Added mouse, keyboard and disk sensitivity
  • Optional braking in two modes - with interrupts enabled or disabled
  • Enhanced coefficient range, possible coefficient autodetection at startup
  • Optional position displaying at screen corner
  • Positions' number increased from 80 to 99
  • For BREMZE70 - interrupts number can be set up to 8192 per second, it gives a really smooth slow down
  • For BREMZE70 - int70h is automatically reactivated by int08h, if other program deactivates it
  • Keyboard works better
  • Control of interrupts handlers change and reactivation of BREMZE
  • .... and many small, but agreeable enhancements ....